Development continues

Development continues

July 13, 2015

Development continues

Do not worry, development of SUBSEQUENTED still continues, soon hopefully I'll be able to present you something of the prototype. I must admit that development is very time consuming and difficult - and in previous posts I set some deadlines for the prototype, didn't I?... :-)

So what I've dealt with lately? I've solved the detailed design of interiors, contemplated the camera view at different locations (ie. the angle in which we inspect the room, what we see in the picture and what don't). I again slightly changed the location of NPCs, items, and some logic puzzles - it was the third time I changed what I had planned. But I think it looks better and better!

And what I want to deal within the next posts? For example, inventory system, dialogues, user interface or how (if at all) to incorporate humor into the game. There is a lot you should look forward to!

For now wish me luck, we keep going.