Locations and autosaves

Locations and autosaves

April 19, 2015

Locations and autosaves

Over the past month I've had some health problems and I spent at the doctors more time than in my entire life. I closed it by spending a few days in a hospital. Now I'm gaining strength, hopefully everything returns to normal. I can work on the SUBSEQUENTED again (among other things).

When I designed in detail the number of scenes (the game screens / locations) that I wanted to have in a prototype, I discovered that there are too many of them. My prototype slowly grew up to the size of the half of the whole game. So I had to make cuts, reduce the size to a tolerable limit - to the edge of what I am able to do in an acceptable amount of time. In this regard, I also needed to know what the minimum number of locations needed to tell the whole story is (I'm not talking about a prototype now) to imagine how laborious everything will be and to make a schedule realistically.

I also want to do the research on the minimum number of characters and objects needed to tell the whole story. I'll see then whether I need to make cuts or not so I could ever finish SUBSEQUENTED.

Among other things I am thinking about enabling Lensen die during the game. I thought that if she could die, maybe it would be good to deploy autosaves in certain parts (I do not like the idea that after an hour of playing Lensen dies and I have to replay everything from the beginning because of my unsaved progress). However, autosaves could evoke the player approaching danger and element of surprise could be lost (if player knew about autosave). The awareness of possible death could also annoy the player by the permanent saving of the game (?). I have not completely thought it over yet, but I can say that I like the idea of letting the heroine die during the game. We'll see!