May 25, 2015

Making prototype

Blender - what an amazing tool! I've read several forums, watched few hours of tutorial videos and after a while first models started to appear. Walls, stairs, railings - isn't it beautiful? :-) I imported everything into Unity and put together the first test room, where I want to try all the main mechanics of the SUBSEQUENTED. I created a rough model of Lensen and after another few moments set navigation (point & click method, of course).

It's one small step for Lensen, but one giant leap for me.


It's unbelievable, but even these first outlines of SUBSEQUENTED made me very happy! After a few months of preparation, I think it is the right time to start creating, testing and learning. Learn to create 3D models (with an optimum number of polygons, hi-poly, low-poly), sculpting, texturing, UV maps, normal maps, animation, Unity engine... Something tells me this won't  be easy but I have tried everything and I always enjoy it very much! When I was learning different things, I repeatedly felt the advantage thanks to my experience in programming (everything went much faster), but I also saw my weakness while working with graphics (and everything went more slowly). I still have a long way to go.

So let's make prototype!