One year later

One year later

January 30, 2016

One year later

The whole year passed by and I would like to let you know what happened during that time, what did not and what I am planning to do. Last January I went into pre-production phase and began to think about the production of SUBSEQUENTED seriously. In this phase I was until June when I tried Unity, Blender and Adventure Creator for the first time. Step by step I learned to work with these programs. In mid-October I started production phase at full blast - I had the whole white-box environment ready (agreed by myself). So I started over by redoing everything.

I follow my plan and I am going to finish the protoype byt he end of Q2 2016. In the next few months I would also like to present SUBSEQUENTED on gaming forums and get important feedback from the community.

And what I've learned in the last year? Nothing is as simple as it seems. You have to be patient, but what is important, you must enjoy it. If I had not enjoyed it, I would never reached so far. And I know that I'm just in the beginning:D And it's also great fun!

What should I expect next? To finish my prototype :-) Specifically, to do game logic, animations, NPCs, dialogues, puzzles, sounds, music... Yes, I know, I'm just in the beginning.

Thanks to Unity, Adventure Creator and Blender for many wonderful hours spent reading manuals, watching tutorials and enjoying the real fun!

And because every sci-fi point and click adventure has its own toilets, SUBSEQUENTED will have this location too. Here are some photos from the process of its development.

The original white-box design:

The design has changed a bit and I added texture:

I added a couple of objects and edited textures:

After a few hours with Blender and playing with Unity lighting:


I'm not completely satisfied with the toilets, but I'm still learning!