March 19, 2015

Three months behind me

Almost a quarter of the year has passed since I desied to try to bring SUBSEQUENTED to the light of day. So how did I progress with the development during that time and what I have done so far? And when I want to proceed into the production phase?

I thought out the story in detail (and for the most part how to tell it), I have described all game mechanics and features (DD) and I have an idea about how would prototype look like (roughly half of the first part of SUBSEQUENTED).

I registered this domain:-)

I'am drawing pictures of the environment, writing down everything that comes to my mind. I thought out some quests (tasks for advancement / overcoming obstacles), items, characters, logical puzzles. Gradually I am trying to make the COMPLEX MAP of the prototype.


It's a 2D map with description of:
- locations
- characters
- items (that we can pick)
- location items (that we can not pick)
- links between locations (for advancement to the next location some item or accomplished quest may be required)
- parts of dialogs

The principle and the idea of complex map I have discovered here: lenght_research_dott

It was created by Stephan Haidacherand published on his developers diary of point & click adventure with working title MOLD (which looks really good!):

My plan is as follows:

2Q 2015 - Preparation for production phase (for making prototype)
- detailed look of each location (artworks)
- appearance of the characters
- complex map (characters, items, dialogs)
- logical puzzles and quests
- scenes (specific game screens)

2015, 1Q 2016 - Production of the prototype

Let's see how I can fulfill the terms, I will inform you about the progress!